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  • Stage:


  • Technologies:

    Utility-scale solar

  • Capacity:

    Up to 60 MW

Project Location

The Wheatcrest Solar Project is located on approximately 320 acres of privately owned land in the Municipal District of Taber, approximately 13 km north of Enchant, Alberta. The land is predominately used for agricultural purposes.

Project Development

With decades of experience, we have a team of internal experts to take projects from conception and make them a reality. Our team works in close consultation with government agencies and key stakeholders to site, build and operate our facilities responsibly. To learn more about our approach to project development, click here.

Development work first began on the Wheatcrest Solar Project in 2018. Over the last year, our team has completed environmental studies in the area, including biophysical and wetland evaluations, and consulted with local landowners.

In April 2021, we submitted our project application with the Alberta Utilities Commission (Proceeding 26496). The application included an environmental evaluation, participant involvement program, noise impact assessment, solar glare assessment, and summarized our overall approach to construct and operate the Project responsibly. In July 2021, the AUC approved the project and a permit was issued.

As the next steps in project development, BluEarth will be gathering additional resource data, applying for a development permit with the MD of Taber, continue public consultation, and advance project design, interconnection, and engineering activities.

We are committed to engaging stakeholders in the decision-making process for the project. We believe that trust is the foundation for long-term successful relationships, and we know that trust is only earned over time, by working together with honest and transparent communications.

For more information on the Wheatcrest Solar Project, please email us at or call 1-844-214-2578.

Project Infrastructure

The Wheatcrest Solar Project will involve the installation of solar photovoltaic panels, panel racking systems, internal access roads, cabling, electrical inverters and other related electrical equipment. The project equipment will be contained within two quarter sections of land. The exact location of the project infrastructure within the property has yet to be confirmed and will be determined through additional studies, equipment procurement and engineering designs.

Transmission Line Development

To connect the Wheatcrest Solar Project to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System, a 138-kilovolt transmission line and the Wheatcrest 1039S Substation are being proposed within privately owned land in 22-015-18W4.

View the proposed location of the substation and transmission line.

If you have questions about the project or would like to provide feedback, please contact the siting team directly at 403-589-4156.


Additional Resources

Transmission Line Materials
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Project Reports & Assessments
Stakeholder Notifications

To ensure the safety of the community with the COVID-19 pandemic, we did not host an in-person open house for the Wheatcrest Solar Project. The below information package was mailed to all stakeholders, and we invite feedback through one-on-one phone meetings with our project team or by email.