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  • BluEarth is founded


  • Opened an office in Guelph, Ontario
  • Acquired the Culliton Creek Hydro Project in British Columbia


  • Began construction of the Bow Lake Wind Project in Ontario and Culliton Creek Hydro Project
  • Acquired the Little Creek, GoodLight and SparkleLight solar facilities in Ontario


  • Began construction and commissioned the Bull Creek Wind Facility in Alberta
  • Commissioned the Bow Lake Wind Facility
  • Commissioned the Culliton Creek Hydro Facility
  • Acquired the Tyson Creek and McNair Creek hydro facilities and the Narrows Inlet Hydro Project in British Columbia
  • Acquired Solar Spirit and LunarLight solar facilities in Ontario
  • Opened an office in North Vancouver


  • Began construction of the Narrows Inlet Hydro Project


  • Acquired the Clowhom, Dasque-Middle and Furry Creek hydro facilities in British Columbia and the St. Columban Wind Facility in Ontario
  • Moved into our new head office location in Calgary


  • Entered the U.S. market; acquired the Adams and Danielson wind facilities in Minnesota
  • Acquired a 795 MW wind development portfolio in Wyoming
  • Began construction of the Loyalist Solar Project in Ontario
  • Our BluEarthling team grew to 100+


  • Acquired, constructed and commissioned the Butter Solar Portfolio the United States
  • Commissioned the Loyalist Solar Facility and the Narrows Inlet Hydro Facility
  • Moved into a new office in Guelph
  • Named one of Alberta’s Top 75 Employers in 2019
  • Recognized as a Kincentric Best Employer Canada 2019
  • DIF V becomes our new shareholder
  • Opened new office in Phoenix, AZ


  • Named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers in 2020
  • Named one of Alberta’s Top 75 Employers in 2020
  • Signed a PPA with Bullfrog Power and the Royal Bank of Canada for the Yellow Lake and Burdett Solar Project
  • Acquired the Suffield Solar Project in Alberta