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Clarissa, Assistant Controller, Operations

BluEarth Remote Operations Centre (BEROC) Supervisor | Full-time | Calgary, AB

Position Closes: October 31, 2019

The BluEarth Remote Operations Centre (BEROC) team is responsible for operations, forecasting, scheduling, monitoring and reporting real-time functions from BluEarth’s Remote Operations Centre in Calgary, Alberta.  These functions are combined with providing 24/7 operations to the Company’s growing portfolio of commercial-scale wind, solar, and run-of-river hydroelectric facilities across Canada and the United States. The BEROC Supervisor is accountable for the safe, efficient, and optimized operation of the BEROC, including maintaining operational compliance with all applicable safety and regulatory requirements.

Key functions include:

  • Provide outstanding people-centered leadership to the BEROC operator team;
  • Coordinate and manage operator shift scheduling to provide 24/7/365 coverage in the BEROC in a manner that balances operational efficiency and operator wellness;
  • Develop and oversee a continuous training program for BEROC operators;
  • Oversee the development, execution and continual improvement of procedures, work instructions, and training programs for BEROC staff to ensure safe, efficient and reliable BEROC function remote operations of all facilities by the BEROC;
  • Facilitate regular, open feedback from remote field operators and technicians to ensure safe and efficient operations, to continually improve how the BEROC remotely operates facilities, and to ensure strong confidence in BEROC performance;
  • Oversee BEROC log books, ensuring accuracy and quality of entries;
  • Drive continuous improvement efforts in the BEROC;
  • Develop and oversee effective communications between BEROC operators and field personnel, as well as BEROC operator transitions (instill and maintain discipline around consistent communication and effective shift handover procedures);
  • Coordinate with external regulatory and compliance organizations to ensure the BEROC is operating according to the latest applicable standards and rules;
  • Ensure the BEROC and its operators provide a quick response to system and site emergencies;
  • Step into shifts as required during emergencies and/or periods of heavy workload;
  • Cover shifts in the BEROC if operators are ill or otherwise unable to attend work;
  • Provide after-hours advice and support, as required, for BEROC operators;
  • Oversee short and long-term budget development and monitor budget compliance;
  • Develop and execute BEROC programs and projects strategically with the expectation of continuous growth in numbers of sites/installed capacity monitored by BEROC;
  • Uphold all aspects of BluEarth’s environmental, health & safety policies, practices, and programs; and
  • Uphold BluEarth’s core values.


  • Degree, diploma or technical certification in power engineering, power systems, or electrical work.


  • Minimum eight years’ experience working in the power generation industry with strong preference for renewable power experience;
  • Experience working in a remote operations center setting;
  • Demonstrated competency in a leadership role;
  • Experience working around high, medium, and low voltage equipment;
  • Strong technical knowledge of renewable electricity generation operations, including the functionality, design, and operation of wind and hydro turbines and generators, solar generation facilities, and balance-of-plant components;
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety regulations, relevant SLD drawings, schematics and operations, service and other procedural manuals;
  • Familiarity and competency with industry standard SCADA systems and software;
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills for both electrical and communications systems;
  • Experience with NERC and/or NERC System Operator Certification an asset; and
  • Experience working with a range of provincial/state electrical authorities is considered an asset.

Personal Characteristics and Skills

  • Proven management and leadership skills;
  • Able to inspire, coach, and mentor staff;
  • Strong business acumen;
  • Proven ability to effectively manage and direct emergency operations;
  • Able to facilitate the resolution of conflicts;
  • Excellent time management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks and adjust priorities quickly as needed;
  • Highly flexible and able to quickly adapt to new situations or circumstances;
  • Able to remain calm under pressure and to lead during a crisis;
  • Clear and effective written and verbal communicator; and
  • Excellent computer skills.

Job Requirements

  • Ability to travel within Canada and internationally;
  • Ability to lift to 20 pounds; and
  • Ability to work a shift schedule, as required, that includes nights weekends and holidays.

To Apply

To apply for this position, please send your resume to with “BEROC Supervisor” in the subject line.

Please Note:  Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

BluEarth Remote Operations Centre (BEROC) Operator | Part-time | Calgary, AB

Position Closes: October 31, 2019

The BEROC Operator is responsible for operations, forecasting, scheduling, monitoring and reporting real-time functions from BluEarth’s Remote Operations Centre in Calgary, Alberta.  These functions are combined with providing 24/7 operations to the Company’s growing portfolio of commercial-scale wind, solar, and run-of-river hydroelectric facilities across Canada and the United States. The BEROC Operator will part of a team of operators on a 24-hour rotating shift schedule accountable for the real-time oversight and dispatch of the renewable power generation portfolio in compliance with all applicable safety and regulatory requirements.

Accountabilities and Duties 

  • Act as the single point of contact and controlling authority for deployment and dispatch of transmission-connected generation facilities and associated equipment to ensure safe and efficient operations in compliance with regulatory and grid operator requirements;
  • Monitor real-time performance of the renewable fleet, seeking to optimize safety, power generation and regulatory compliance by:
    • Investigating alarms and remotely resetting wind turbines or other resettable turbine, generator, or system faults
    • Monitoring trends in facility performance, weather, and resource to proactively identify potential issues
    • Notifying facility operators of trend or fault issues, communicating effectively to support them as much or as little as required to optimize staff and public safety, the environment, and power generation
    • Supporting safe operations of remote facilities by acting as a call-point and monitor for lone workers
    • Coordinating, facilitating, and tracking planned and forced outages to ensure a safe and effective removal or restoration process is maintained
  • Use 3-way type communications with field personnel, regional transmission organizations (RTO’s), and independent system operators (ISO’s) when communicating during all real-time activities;
  • Document all operating events in accordance with BEROC procedures, ensuring management of change and inter-shift BEROC communication standards are always upheld;
  • Support the development, deployment, and continual improvement of standard and emergency operating procedures, as well as work instructions, and proactively participate in their continual improvement and enhanced where needed;
  • Operate and monitor SCADA systems and related analytics tools to ensure functionality and effective performance is maintained, reporting to field staff all irregularities in data, communications, or control capabilities;
  • Support the compilation of relay reports, equipment data, and historical data trend analysis to document all operating events/non-compliances for follow-up;
  • Effectively coordinate all normal and emergency control room activities, with field personnel and technicians, head office staff and external entities;
  • Seek continual improvement within the scope of control room activities;
  • Maintain an individual development plan in collaboration with the BEROC supervisor, including continuous training;
  • Promote a strong team culture and work environment by assisting teammates to accomplish goals, mentoring teammates to lift the performance of the entire team, and celebrating successes.
  • Uphold all aspects of BluEarth’s Health, Safety & Environmental policies, practices, and programs;
  • Uphold BluEarth’s core values; and
  • Other duties as required.


  • Engineering or Electrical/Mechanical Technology diploma or degree and/or equivalent experience; and
  • May be required to be certified and qualified in the recognized work protection practices and NERC Operator certification where applicable.

Experience and Skills

  • Experience working in power generation, transmission or distribution industry with strong preference towards renewable power experience;
  • Remote operations or related experience in control/dispatch-type environments;
  • Experience working around high, medium and low voltage equipment;
  • Technical knowledge of renewable power generation operations, functionality and design;
  • Ability to read and interpret SLD’s and other procedural manuals and schematics;
  • Troubleshooting skills for electrical, PLC and/or communications systems;
  • Strong interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills;
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize work effectively;
  • Excellent computer capabilities; and
  • Strong attention to detail.

Core Characteristics

  • Safety conscious;
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure;
  • Self-motivated;
  • Reliable and adaptable to change;
  • Team-oriented.

Job Requirements

  • Abide with all Company Policy and Business practises;
  • Ability to work a shift schedule that includes nights, weekends and holidays;
  • Ability to work alone and independently at the ROC when on shift;
  • Ability to travel occasionally within Canada and USA; and
  • Ability to lift-up to 20 pounds.

To Apply

To apply for this position, please send your resume to with “BEROC Operator” in the subject line

Please Note:  Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.