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  • Stage:


  • Technologies:

    Utility-scale solar

  • Capacity:

    Up to 40 MW

Project Location

The Riverview Solar Project is proposed on privately owned land approximately 1.5 km north of Radville, Saskatchewan.

Project Development


With decades of experience, we have a team of internal experts to take projects from conception and make them a reality. Our team works in close consultation with government agencies and key stakeholders to site, build and operate our facilities responsibly. To learn more about our approach to project development, click here.

The Riverview Solar Project received approval from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment on September 24, 2018, following our submission of the technical project plan. In November 2017, we hosted our first public meeting for the Riverview Solar Project where the community was invited to learn more about the project. You can find the information shared under the ‘Resources’ section below. Additionally, in February 2019 we met with the RM of Laurier to update the council on the project and discuss upcoming renewable energy procurement opportunities.

We will continue to keep the community updated with any project developments as well as energy procurement opportunities.

We are committed to engaging stakeholders in the decision-making process for the project. We believe that trust is the foundation for long-term successful relationships, and we know that trust is only earned over time, by working together with honest and transparent communications. For more information on the Riverview Solar Project, please email us at or call 1-844-214-2578.

Project Infrastructure

The Riverview Solar Project will involve the installation of solar photovoltaic panels, panel racking systems, internal access roads, cabling, electrical inverters and other related electrical equipment.

The point of interconnection for the Project will be through overhead or underground cables and is expected to be in close proximity to the Radville substation, but will be determined by SaskPower.