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  • Stage:


  • Capacity:

    23 MW

  • Power Sales:

    Long-term PPA with Upper Midwest Municipal Energy Group

Project Location

Seven of the solar projects are located in Wisconsin, two are in Minnesota and one is in Iowa. 

Butter Solar Portfolio: In Detail

The power produced from the Butter Solar Portfolio will be sold to the Upper Midwest Municipal Energy Group (UMMEG). UMMEG is a joint action agency representing electricity providers in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.

Butter Solar is a unique partnership opportunity. The solar facilities are located in 10 UMMEG member communities, so the power produced will be generated and used locally. In addition, the renewable energy credits from this solar portfolio will be purchased by Dr. Bronner’s, Native Energy and Organic Valley, which lowers the cost of power supply for all parties.

We acquired this portfolio in December 2018 from OneEnergy Renewables and we look forward to working with the local communities, utilities and Organic Valley in the construction and operation of these solar projects.