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  • Stage:


  • Technologies:

    Utility-scale solar

  • Capacity:

    19 MW

  • Power Sales:

    PPA with Bullfrog Power and the Royal Bank of Canada

Project Location

The Yellow Lake Solar Project is located on privately owned land in the County of Forty Mile approximately 19 km southwest of Burdett, Alberta.

Project Development

With decades of experience, we have a team of internal experts to take projects from conception and make them a reality. Our team works in close consultation with government agencies and key stakeholders to site, build and operate our facilities responsibly. To learn more about our approach to project development, click here.

On July 28, we announced that BluEarth signed power purchase agreements (PPAs) with Bullfrog Power and the Royal Bank of Canada for the Yellow Lake and Burdett Solar Project. These PPAs will directly support the construction of this Project, which began in late August 2020. The Project is expected to be operational in April 2021. Construction of the Yellow Lake Solar Project will be completed in conjunction with the Burdett Solar Project, which is also located in the County of Forty Mile.


Project Schedule:

  • Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Approval – completed
  • AUC Permit Administrative Amendments – completed
  • Municipal Development Permit – completed (extension received May 2020)
  • Project Construction – began August 2020
  • Commercial Operations – April 2021 (expected)

We are committed to engaging stakeholders in the decision-making process for the project. We believe that trust is the foundation for long-term successful relationships, and we know that trust is only earned over time, by working together with honest and transparent communications.

For more information on the Yellow Lake Solar Project, please email us at or call 1-844-214-2578.

Project Infrastructure

The Yellow Lake Solar Project will involve the installation of solar photovoltaic panels, panel racking systems, internal access roads, cabling, electrical inverters and other related electrical equipment. The Project equipment will be contained within a single quarter section of land. Engineering and design has been completed and Project infrastructure is currently being installed.

The Project will connect to a local electrical distribution line from the Westfield 107S substation. This connection will be through overhead cables.