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Since our scholarship program first began in 2014, BluEarth has awarded nearly $65,000 to post-secondary students in Canada.

Our scholarship program is an important part of our commitment to giving back to the communities where we live, work and operate. In addition to financial support, this scholarship offers a unique opportunity for recipients to be paired with a BluEarth learning partner for the academic year to provide support and mentorship, while learning more about renewable energy.

Meet our 2020/21 scholarship recipients below.

Recipient of the Indigenous Peoples Scholarship

Sydney Kuppenbender

Tanisi, Sydney Kuppenbender nitisithikason, I’m a Metis woman from Northern Saskatchewan and entering my final year of my Bachelor of Science in Renewable Resource Management, with a Resource Science major at the University of Saskatchewan. I am fiercely passionate about the role clean energy projects can play in empowering Indigenous communities to become independent, sovereign nations and much of my work throughout my undergraduate experience has been directed towards this movement. I am currently on the organizing committee for SevenGen, the second annual Indigenous Youth Energy Summit supported by Student Energy, which was scheduled to occur in March 2021, but has been postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic.

More recently, my research has centred around how Indigenous knowledge and research methodologies, supported by Western scientific methods can be bridged and/or leveraged to increase community capacity for climate change-related disaster relief and prevention. I intend to carry this research forward into a master’s degree, which I should be set to begin in the Fall of 2021.

I currently am living in my home community of La Ronge, Saskatchewan, a beautiful town on the edge of the Canadian Shield and in the centre of the Canadian Boreal Forest. I bead traditional Metis wearable art and birchbark art pieces which I sell on social media platforms, and my partner, my puppy Evie and I love to be out on the land by hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Recipient of the Indigenous Peoples Scholarship

Tyler Hart

I am a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta with family relations at Bunibonibee Cree Nation and Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba. I am currently taking my Masters of Business of Administration, specializing in Global Energy Development and Sustainable Development and Finance in the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. I would like to thank BluEarth Renewables for their financial and mentoring support that comes with this award. BluEarth has provided invaluable mentoring and support thus far and I look forward to continuing with the mentorship program. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and think that one of the best ways to serve our Indigenous communities positively is by helping with sustainable economic development. My ultimate goal is to have my own business and work with Indigenous communities on clean energy projects.

Recipient of the Community Leaders Scholarship

Hamzah Naeem

My name is Hamzah Naeem and I am a final year student currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary. For me, the most appealing aspect of engineering is the opportunity to design and maintain critical infrastructure that has the largest impact on day-to-day life. This includes roads, hospitals, airports, railroads, bridges, residential buildings, and energy infrastructure. My degree includes courses on environmental engineering, sustainability, and environmental aspects of energy which will be a solid foundation for me to apply towards the field of renewable energy. As a past-President and current Executive of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering UofC Student Chapter, I believe professional development opportunities are essential to set students up for success. I am honored to be the recipient of the Community Leaders Scholarship from BluEarth Renewables. This award will allow me to focus on my academics and provides me the motivation to succeed and pursue a career in the industry. The mentorship program is a great initiative for students to receive guidance and career advice from industry professionals and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be involved in it!

Recipient of the Community Leaders Scholarship

Nimra Dar

Observing the environmental crisis in the industry, I volunteered in a research lab working on the conversion of industrial waste into biofuel. Little did I know this opportunity sparked my interest to further explore the renewable energy sector. I experimented with biomass material replicating organic matter and explored its potential for power generation, commercial and residential heating. This research will be the stepping stone for industries to reduce their waste and effectively make environmentally conscious decisions.

Now in my 4th year of chemical engineering I look forward to continuing my work within the energy sector. This scholarship will further lighten my financial burden, allowing me to take on opportunities in renewable energy at the University of Saskatchewan.

Participating in extracurriculars and executive positions has taught me that leadership is about guiding people towards a vision. It is about seeing what people can become and helping them become their best selves. I hope to continue creating an impact as a female engineer and help others by developing economic ways of using the resources around me. I am privileged to receive this award that recognizes this important aspect of an individual who enriches the lives of others and their communities.

Recipient of the Renewable Energy Trades Scholarship

Blake Pelling

My name is Blake Pelling, I was born in Calgary, Alberta and lived there most of my life. From a young age I was always fascinated by large machines and manmade objects. Everything from boats to airplanes and trains, and things like wind turbines were very interesting to me. When I found out about the Wind turbine technician program at Lethbridge college, I knew I would love it, so I applied immediately. I am happy to be a part of something that contributes to the renewable energy effort because I believe in taking care of our planet, and I have a strong urge to show people of my generation that the way we have always done things in the past isn’t the only way, that we must advance to more responsible ways of living, for the good of ourselves, the future generations, and the planet as a whole. I am very grateful for and excited to accept this scholarship. I believe with this money I can relieve some of the financial responsibilities that my wonderful parents have taken on due to me being in school. I also think that this scholarship is more than just about money, that it shows young people that there really is others out there who want the same things for the planet that we do. This scholarship means a lot to me because not only will it help out financially, but it also acts as an incentive to do the right thing for the world, and I admire that.