Montreal River Weather Radar

Recent interest in the Bow Lake Wind Project and the Montreal River Weather Radar was sparked by an article which quoted extensively from an outdated two-year old document.  Extensive work has been completed over the past two years since the document was released.  In fact, subsequent detailed study and consultation with Environment Canada has determined that the Bow Lake Wind Project is not likely to cause any significant interference with the weather radar.  The project’s Renewable Energy Approval has been issued with specific mitigation requirements to ensure the Montreal River Weather Radar Station continues to provide accurate and reliable forecasts and weather warnings.  We are very confident that the project does not pose any threat to weather forecasting or safety in the region.

Ontario Energy Board Notice

Notice of Application for Electricity Generation Licences

The Ontario Energy Board has completed a preliminary review of the Bow Lake Wind Project’s applications for electricity generator licences as Feed-in Tariff Program participants. The Board expects to render a decision and/or order in this application on or about April 15, 2014. The Board has issued its combined Notice of Application and Written Hearing for public review.

Avis d’application pour obtenir des licences de production d’électricité

La Commission de l’énergie de l’Ontario a effectué un examen préliminaire des demandes du projet éolien Bow  Lake pour des licences de générateur d’électricité comme aliment dans les participants au programme tarifaire. Le Conseil prévoit rendre une décision et / ou  un ordre a propos de cette demande vers le 15 Avril 2014. Le Conseil a émis son avis combinée de la demande et d’une audience écrite à l’examen public.