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Since our scholarship program first began in 2014, BluEarth has awarded nearly $80,000 to post-secondary students in Canada.

Our scholarship program is an important part of our commitment to giving back to the communities where we live, work and operate. In addition to financial support, this scholarship offers a unique opportunity for recipients to be paired with a BluEarth learning partner for the academic year to provide support and mentorship, while learning more about renewable energy.

Meet our 2021/22 scholarship recipients below.


Recipient of the Indigenous Peoples Scholarship

Nikita Kahpeaysewat

Tansi, my name is Nikita Kahpeaysewat, I am a Nehiyaw (Plains Cree) person from the Moosomin First Nation in Saskatchewan of Treaty 6 territory, Canada. I am a 4th year Environmental Science major and Indigenous Researcher.

Currently, I am studying the environmental science degree program at Mount Royal University, located on Mohkinstsis, Treaty 7 Territory, where my research focus is on water quality on Indigenous communities, environmental inequality, enhancing waste management practices and developing an understanding for traditional ecological knowledge (TEK). I passionately advocate that Indigenous ways of knowing and western science are equally valid knowledge sources and both ways can be used to protect and preserve the environment.

I would like to thank BluEarth Renewables for the Indigenous Peoples Scholarship. This scholarship will allow me to focus on the tasks at hand without the financial burden. I am also excited to be a part of the mentorship program where I will be able to learn from an experienced environmental scientist in the renewable energy industry and how I can contribute to preserving Mother Earth.

Recipient of the Indigenous Peoples Scholarship

Latiya Northwest

My name is Latiya Northwest and I am a nehiyaw iskwew (Cree woman) from Samson Cree Nation, Alberta completing my final year of a combined Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences/Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies at the University of Alberta. While attending university, I sit on my community’s Nipîy (water) Committee that manages our own water affairs. I will be sitting on the Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Committee (ARRC) at the university for the 2021-2022 school year as well. Being fluent in the Plains Cree Language and passionate about its revitalization, I am currently working as a teaching assistant for the university’s Cree classes.

I believe that all Indigenous communities can benefit from the renewable energy sector to ensure that future generations live in a healthy environment. In my community, we have proven to be leaders in mobilizing clean energy through the installation of solar panels. Upon completion of my education, I would love to be involved in the movement towards meeting Canada’s climate goals of increasing non-emitting, renewable energy by 90% in 2030. This work must be inclusive of Indigenous peoples, and communities will need environmental scientists like myself who are able to communicate highly technical language between governments to support their communities.

I am incredibly thankful to receive the Indigenous Peoples Scholarship from BluEarth Renewables for supporting me on my educational journey, and I am looking forward to the mentorship that I will be receiving from them as well. Thank you – Hai hai.

Recipient of the Community Leaders Scholarship

Masooma Tahir

My name is Masooma Tahir, and I am studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Calgary. I am passionate about diversity in STEM, mental health and ustainability. I volunteer with organizations such as the Cybermentor program and the Let’s Talk Science, where I promote STEM through mentorship and workshops to empower youth across Calgary.

To support the professional growth of her peers, I have joined the University of Calgary Consulting Association as a Director of STEAM. My goal for this year is to branch out and provide engineering students opportunities that synergize technical and soft skills, including outreach events like STEM in Consulting and Diversity in Consulting.

My interest in renewable energy and sustainability was sparked when I joined Sustainable Development Goals Alliance. Learning more about Sustainable Development Goals and the endless opportunities to implement them in my work made me very hopeful for the future. I am motivated to learn more about the renewable energy sector and excited to explore new innovative ideas that can help reduce waste and decrease carbon footprint overall.

I am truly honoured and grateful to be the recipient of the Community Leaders Scholarship from BluEarth Renewables. This award has further lightened my financial burden, allowing me to focus on extracurricular initiatives and take on opportunities in the renewable energy sector. After graduation, I am looking forward to working in a company where I can create a sustainable world through education, research and innovation.

Recipient of the Community Leaders Scholarship

Emma Lunau Smith

I am honoured to have been selected as the recipient of the BluEarth Renewables’ Community Leaders Scholarship. My name is Emma Lunau Smith and I am a first year student currently pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of British Columbia.

I would describe myself as self-motivated, reliable, enthusiastic, and dynamic. I am adventurous, love traveling and meeting new people, and appreciate being challenged through different experiences. I am a critical thinker, a good listener, and an active learner. I can fluently speak English and French and am learning Spanish and American Sign Language.

Throughout my academic career, I have been inspired by the positive impact and social change I am able to ignite within my school, local, and global community. I have always maintained a focus on cultivating an awareness for new ideas, promoting these more prominently on a local to global scale, and bringing light and solutions to issues which will impact future generations.

I desire to promote a greater consciousness for extra-terrestrial environmentalism, encouraging the use of space technologies on earth, promoting environmental stewardship, and renewable energy sources. With the assistance provided by this scholarship, I will be able to dedicate more time to achieving these goals while also taking part in volunteer opportunities throughout my academic pursuits. I will be able to continue serving and helping others while pursuing enhanced learning opportunities. I hope to continue to explore new possibilities and perspectives, learn new skills, and become a broader thinker and innovator.

Recipient of the Renewable Energy Trades Scholarship

Fiona Goursaud

As a little child I always remember sitting in silence with my dad at the top of mountains and listening, watching the wilderness beyond. I knew I would live and work in ways to protect, grow with and support nature.

Being fascinated by science, creating and inventing, I pursued Mechanical Engineering and got my Bachelors of Science at Loughborough University in England. However this knowledge remained to superficial and disconnected to me so after working one year as a design engineer and finding myself drawn to the technical and workshop challenges, I stumbled upon wind energy and the technician career path.

Independent, hands on, outdoors and green, this path instantly appealed to me and this is why I am now at Lethbridge College in Alberta, undertaking the wind turbine technician program. I could not value more its driven, industry-oriented and practical content.

My richest and most beautiful life experiences were all through volunteering: coaching volleyball, tutoring, eco-building, permaculture and an Engineers Without Borders project. BluEarthers undeniably share this passion to give and exchange with shoreline clean ups, community education volunteering, supporting pollinator programs and more. This is why I am so flattered and have immense respect for their offering of a most valuable mentorship program and student-debt alleviating scholarship. I hope to help others the same way and continue volunteering throughout life, sharing my technical knowledge to teach, work and empower current and future generations to build a more united and sustainable world. Thank you again.

Recipient of the Renewable Energy Trades Scholarship

Jack Harding

My name is Jack Harding, and I am currently enrolled in the Alternative Energy Technology Program at NAIT. I was born and raised in Banff, Alberta and I believe that growing up in one of Canada’s spectacular national parks ingrained in me an appreciation for natural spaces, and the importance of preserving them. Prior to entering my current program of study, I completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree from the University of Calgary.

During the summers between school, I have worked at the campgrounds around Banff in various roles. Working this job has given me experience and perspective in addressing the challenge of balancing the goals of both allowing visitors to experience and enjoy the national park, while also protecting the park from overuse.

After completing my school program, I plan to pursue a career in clean energy, whether that is in solar, wind, bioenergy, creating clean energy policy, or something else altogether. Wherever I end up, I aspire to work in a field that makes me feel as though I am contributing positively to reducing human impact on the planet and helping to bring about a zero-carbon future for both present and future generations.

This generous scholarship from Blue Earth Renewables helps me to focus on my studies and an optional low-energy building design competition that I have entered and will help me get the most out of my opportunity at NAIT. Thank you very much for providing scholarships such as these!

Recipient of the Renewable Energy Trades Scholarship

Shawn Sales

My name is Shawn Sales, and I am currently taking my second year of a Diploma program at Lakeland College. The Diploma that I will complete in June of 2022 is Sustainable Energy Technology. This scholarship will be beneficial in paying this year’s tuition, as there is a practicum at the end of the course that makes the second year more costly than the first. Furthermore, I am also very thrilled that BluEarth will pair me with a solar technician to mentor me as I enter into the field of renewable energy.

Before entering Renewable Energy, my career has been in retail sales management in Cold Lake, Alberta. This city thrives on oil and gas, and when the economy took a drastic turn for the worse, I decided to find a way to take care of my family in a career path that is passion-based and exciting. I had been interested in Renewable energy for a while, and when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped both feet in and have not regretted a second of it.

My intention after completing the Diploma is to gain experience designing, estimating, and installing both solar PV and Solar thermal systems. Furthermore, I have already been hired as a contractor to perform home energy evaluations. I am hopeful that I will pass my Natural Resource Canada examinations to do that shortly.

I have found so many great opportunities since deciding to do a career change and enter the energy sector in the field of renewable energy. The BluEarth Scholarship is no exception, and I feel very thankful that they have chosen me for this scholarship.