Facility Summary

The Adams Wind Farm is located in Cosmos, Minnesota and the Danielson Wind Farm is located in Grove City, Minnesota. The two facilities are operated as a single asset (24 km apart) and consist of 24 turbines with a combined capacity of 39.6 megawatts.

Location: Meeker Country, Minnesota
Resource: Wind
Technologies: 1.7 MW wind turbines
Nameplate Capacity: 39.6 MW
First Online: 2011
Power Sales: Long-term Power Purchase Agreement

Adams Wind Farm and Danielson Wind Farm are a partnership between BluEarth and the local landowner partners, Adams Wind Holdings, LLC and Danielson Wind Holdings, L.L.C, respectively.

An 80% interest in both wind farms was acquired by BluEarth in February 2018.


In case of emergency occurring at or near one of our facilities, please call 1-226-567-1246

  • 24 –  1.7 MW wind turbines with a maximum nameplate capacity of 39.6 MW of renewable power
  • Located in Meeker County, Minnesota
  • The facility became operational in 2011