Why BluEarth?

Earth, our home, when seen from space is a blue and white vision of harmony – water, wind and sun, all in constant motion and flow, maintaining a perfect equilibrium that keeps our skies, lakes and oceans healthy and brilliantly blue.

From the ground however, the vision is less perfect. Our blue earth’s equilibrium is under enormous stress from pollution and climate change.

Because everything is connected, and every action big and small matters, we chose the name BluEarth to remind us, everyday, of the vision that brought our team together, and which continues to motivate us to do our part to help our Earth maintain its blue equilibrium – not just for us, but for our children and our children’s children.

Why Renewables?

The technology to harness the power of Earth’s renewable resources such as wind, water and sunlight, has been used for hundreds of years, with the first water wheels and wind mills traceable to the Earth’s ancient peoples. Although technology has advanced since ancient times, those basic power generation concepts still provide a solid foundation for the generation of energy in harmony with the Earth’s equilibrium.

We believe that power generation utilizing renewable fuel sources such as wind, water and solar, is critical to meeting growing demand for power, to shifting and diversifying our energy generation supply, and to forging the way forward to a low-carbon future.

Put the pieces together and you get BluEarth Renewables: a passionate team committed to doing our part to protect our home, by developing and operating The Power to Change the Future, one project at a time.